Integration week

During this week ( May 27-31), CANOPIES teams will develop an integration week at PAL Robotics facilities in Barcelona, Spain, testing robotic table-grape pruning and harvesting. 

Good luck to all our colleagues!! 


Participation in the IEEE RO-MAN 2023: "Speech Act Classification in collaborative Robotics" by Sara Kaszuba, Sandeep Reddy Sabbella, Francesco Leotta and Daniele Nardi from UNIROMA1, in Busan, Korea.

ICRA 2023. Full Day workshop

CANOPIES partners organize a full-day workshop on "Representing and Manipulating Deformable Objects" at ICRA 2023, in London, United Kingdom. The workshop is organized by Martina Lippi (Roma Tre University), along with Alessandro Marino (UNICLAM), Michael C. Welle (KTH) and Danica Kragic (KTH). Further details can be found at the link:  

LXVII Assembly of the association of former students of the agricultural school of La Cogullada

Our partner Emilio Gil, professor at UPC, received the medal of honor at the LXVII Assembly of the association of former students of the agricultural school of La Cogullada. The canopies project was shown as a next future in the field of agriculture in table grape harvesting and prunning. More than 400 people attend the event on March 11th, 2023.

Canopies at ERF 2023

The canopies project has been present at The European Robotics Forum - ERF - 2023, with a booth from PAL Robotics and DTI and several talks at the agrifood workshop "Robotics and AI for transforming Agrifood by UNICLAM and UNIROMA3. Take a look at our photo gallery!

Participation in ROBMOB22

Our partner Daniele Nardi from UNIROMA1 participated in ROBMOB 2022 with the presentation: AI-enabled detection and classification: report on three case studies - weed mapping in sugar beets, sunflower peronospora mapping and table grape quality estimation-. October 2022

Workshop at the "Italian Conference on Robotics and Intelligent Machines"

Organization of the half-day hybrid workshop "Human-robot collaboration: needs, challenges and directions in different application domains" at the "Italian Conference on Robotics and Intelligent Machines" ( which was held in Rome on October 7, 2022. The workshop was organized by Martina Lippi (UNIROMA3) and Alessandro Marino (UNICLAM). CANOPIES project was presented by the organizers as an illustrative example of human -robot collaboration.

Developing new use cases in robotics through EU projects. PAL Robotics

Agri-food projects to introduce robotics into unstructured production environments    

Our partner PAL Robotics collaborates in projects such as Canopies in the Agri-Food sector. The goal of this project is to create a Human-Robot prototype in Agri-Food that addresses the challenges of Human-Robot Interaction and collaboration in an unstructured, highly-dynamic outdoor environment of vineyards for pruning tasks. 

EuRobotics 2022: boosting robotics research, development, and innovation

Our Partner, PAL Robotics participated in the 13th edition of the European Robotics Forum (ERF), as platinum sponsors, from 28-30 June in Rotterdam, Netherlands. 

CANOPIES project - a novel collaborative human-robot paradigm addressing the challenges of Human-Robot Interaction and Human-Robot Collaboration in crop farming (Agri-Food Area) - and Tiago ++ robot, were introduced to ERF participants.

Project presentation for General Public at 2° APPUNTAMENTO LE UNICITTÀ | CASSINO. May 16, 2022

Presentation LAVORARE INSIEME AD UN ROBOT at the Cassino’s municipality. 2° Appuntamento LE UNICITTÀ | CASSINO.  Alessandro Marino, Prof. Antonelli and Dr Di Lillo, organized a dissemination event about robotics for the general public at the headquarters of the municipality of Cassino. The event was held on 16.05.2022 and in this occasion Canopies project and the main challenges related to human-robot-interaction and robotics in Precision Agriculture were disseminated.

Presentation at NeurlPS 2021

Thirty-fifth Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems. NeurIPS. December 2021. . Presentation: “DLO@Scale: A Large-scale Meta Dataset for Learning Non-rigid Object Pushing Dynamics”,  by one of the authors R. Gieselmann, A. Longhini, A. Reichlin, D. Kragic, F. T. Pokorny.

Cooperative robots developed to harvest dessert grapes

Researchers at the Institute of Robotics and Industrial Informatics (IRI) and the Agricultural Machinery Unity (UMA) of the UPC are working on the European project CANOPIES,whose aim is to explore a new paradigm of collaboration between people and robots in the context of precision agriculture for permanent crops. The focus is the operation of harvesting and pruning dessert grape vines. Press release: 

TIAGo mobile manipulator ready to do more with new end effectors

Project CANOPIES involves developing a novel collaborative human-robot paradigm in the field of precision agriculture for permanent crops. Here, farmworkers work together with teams of robots to perform harvesting or pruning in table-grape vineyards. In the project prototype, TIAGo++’s upper body will be used together with an adapted robotic base, and with additional sensors in each robot arm. We will also adapt the end-effectors for this project, to be ready for harvesting and pruning tasks.

ICRA 2021 Presentation

IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA). May 2021. . Presentation: A Data-Driven Approach for Contact Detection, Classification and Reaction in Physical Human-Robot Collaboration” by one of the authors M. Lippi, G. Gillini, A. Marino, F.

ICRA Workshop: Emerging paradigms for robotic manipulation: from the lab to the productive world

Organization of the Workshop: Emerging paradigms for robotic manipulation: from the lab to the productive world.  IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA). May 2021. Organizers: Virginia Ruiz Garate, Maria Pozzi, Maximo Roa from PAL Robotics. Presentation title: "Robotics' manipulation: perspective and approach from industry".

The first of four mobile platform on board

Here it is our "first of the four" mobile platforms that will be customized within the CANOPIES project. Briefly, this crawler will be adapted both for transportation of boxes of harvested grapes (logistics robots) and will be equipped with dual arm torso for the execution of agronomic tasks such as harvesting or pruning (farming robots). Stay tuned for the first release of the customization to be validated on the field!